Adopt a Reptile

If you are located in Central Arkansas and are interested in adopting a pet from the Reptile Rescue Center, please read our adoption policies carefully before filling out an adoption application.

Be sure to also read our adoption requirements by species to make sure that you will have the proper enclosure and equipment for your new pet.

Our animals available for adoption can be seen here.

Adoption Policies:

1. To ensure the future well-being of all of our animals for adoption, we conduct an in-person home evaluation prior to placement.  For this reason, our adoptions are limited to the central Arkansas area only.

2. The adoption application process is as follows:

  • A potential adopter must fill out the adoption application and return it to us by email or mail.
  • The adoption application will be reviewed by RRC staff.
  • If the application passes, an interview will be scheduled.
  • The interview will screen the potential adopter more carefully and test their knowledge of the species they are interested in adopting.
  • Once the interview is passed, an RRC staff member will conduct a home evaluation to ensure that a proper environment is set up and ready for a new pet.

3. We do not adopt out animals to anyone under 18 years of age.  For parents adopting animals for their children, we consider the parent the applicant and the responsible party, therefore we will test their knowledge of the animal and its care.

4. Animals adopted from Reptile Rescue Center are to be pets only and are never to be bred.

5. If an adopter can no longer keep an animal they have adopted from us, they must return it to Reptile Rescue Center.  Under no circumstances can the animal be sold, traded, given away, or released.

Please download our Adoption Application, print it, and fill it out completely.
Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please scan and email the completed form to:

Or mail to:
Reptile Rescue Center
PO Box #4004
Little Rock, AR 72214

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