Surrender a Reptile

Need to surrender a reptile?  We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas, but take in reptiles from all over the United States provided they can be brought to us.  Click the links below for more information specific to your situation.

UPDATE: At this time we are currently not taking ANY new intakes due to lack of space and funds.  Thank you for understanding.

Information for Pet Owners
Maybe you don’t have time, have lost your job, had a family emergency, are moving, have kids that lost interest, or even just got in over your head with a pet that got too big or too difficult to handle or care for.  Maybe your pet has had some sort of illness or injury that you don’t have the knowledge or funds to care for properly.  Whatever the reason, sometimes it is best for you and for the sake of your reptile to surrender your pet to a rescue to find it a new home.  We are here to help.

Information for Animal Welfare Agencies
Reptiles have very specific care requirements depending on their species.  Most typical animal rescues and shelters are not knowledgeable about exotics and/or capable of properly housing or caring for reptiles for any length of time.  Ensuring that a surrendered reptile gets to a reptile-specific rescue is the best option for the animal.  We are more than willing to work with other rescues, shelters, animal welfare agencies, and law enforcement.

Information for Pet Stores
We are willing to work with pet stores and take in animals that arrived in poor condition or are not thriving in a store environment.  We would like to establish working relationships with pet stores to help foster proper reptile education and responsible care.  We are available for consulting and to answer questions as well.

Information for Breeders
We are willing to work with commercial and hobby reptile breeders and take in surrendered animals from them – either retired breeding stock, adults who will not breed, babies or juveniles that cannot be sold, or sick/injured/non-thriving animals.




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