Surrender a Reptile – For Pet Stores

UPDATE: At this time we are currently not taking ANY new intakes due to lack of space and funds.  Thank you for understanding.

We are willing to work with pet stores and take in animals that arrived in poor condition or are not thriving in a store environment.  We do ask that you refer owner-surrenders to us directly if possible so that we can get full background information on the intake.  We do not require pet stores to surrender enclosures or supplies with a reptile but appreciate any help you can offer us.  We would like to establish working relationships with pet stores to help foster proper reptile education and responsible care.  We are available for consulting and to answer questions as well.

We are located in Little Rock, Arkansas, but take in reptiles from all over the United States provided they can be brought to us.  We do not allow reptiles to be shipped to us due to state laws and concern for the well-being of the animals.

Please note, we do not accept venomous or illegal species.

Please see our Contact Page for information about how to get a hold of us if you are interested in surrendering a reptile.




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